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Three Blog Formats You Can Use Today to Grow Your Page Views

Every week, my goal is to share one piece of content that can help you in your journey. Whether you want to be a freelancer like me or just add a blog to your business, I want to help you out. Below, I will go through three popular blog formats for writers who are just beginning.

If you have ever gone onto a blog, you have likely seen the "Top Five Ways to Be Good at Stuff" in some form. You might have noticed I'm doing one right now.

Regardless of how overused a list post is, it is still a handy tool in your blogging arsenal. Here's why:

In the blogging world, these are Listicles, and they are shared two times as often as other types of blog content. If you are struggling where to start, think about the common questions in your industry. After that, you can list out different answers to those questions.

You can either turn those answers into a list post or decide to put the 30 answers you have. If you want to get detailed, list posts can even go up to 100 answers.

If you have ever written a research paper in high school, you likely have experience in writing long-form content. If you were like me in high school, you probably spent most of your time phoning it in.

Now that we are adults, we don't have that option. Each bit of this long-form piece needs to contain useful information. Any blogger worth their salt will tell you horror stories about the amount of fluff they get from new bloggers. I was no different.

Long-form content varies depending upon the person sharing it. You can have anywhere between two thousand to 10 thousand words. But if you plan on bringing it to the ten thousand levels, you are likely going to be writing a pillar page, which we will discuss in a later post.

It is a style that is popularized by one of the godfathers of blogging, Neil Patel. If you use the success story of your company to tell a data-driven story, your business will naturally grow. Consider an "about us" section of your business.

Those who simply tell others how great they are without backing it up aren't going to get far. It is why I bolstered my original claim on listicles with a statistic. Much like those high school research papers, the reader will dock you for not citing your sources.

If you do not have a proven track record of success, you will need to work extra-hard. Find statistics in your industry to bolster any claims that you make. Be sure to include any blood, sweat, and tears it took to get your business today.

You may also choose to write a general story. Depending on the goal of your blog, this will be fine. But if your ultimate goal is to drive sales with this post, be sure to put a Call To Action (CTA) in your work.

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